Coming soon: the beautiful software manifesto
   2021 The Beautiful Software Challenge: express the good unfolding of a program
   2021 The Beautiful Software Thesis: feeling as the core of good engineering
   2021 Beautiful Software at Building Beauty
   2020-2021 Beautiful Software's Tomaž Žlender - Mirror of the Self survey tool
   2021 Gareth Rees: Building Beauty / Beautiful Software -- the first year
   2021 Stefan Lesser: Christopher Alexander’s philosophy — useful for tools for thought?
   2020 Stefan Lesser: How to adopt Christopher Alexander’s ideas in the software industry
   2020 Self-descriptive webapp -- a class exercise
   2020 PUARL+BB conference: The point of the Beautiful Software seminar: distributing the toolbox
   2020 Podcast: Ryan Singer and Greg Bryant
   2020 The Beautiful Software Initiative announcement
   2020 Beautiful Software at computing philosophy

   2013 Gatemaker: Christopher Alexander's dialogue with the computer industry